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December 2021
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Hogtied Live at Fetishcon

Gorgeous little blonde Trip Six gets strapped up in a tight hogtie in public at Fetishcon! Helpless there in her armbinder, sexy black catsuit, and bare feet, she drools all over the table in front of a gathered crowd of onlookers! This video was originally available on the old site a few years ago, but was in a much smaller resolution and not color/light corrected. It didn't make the migration over initially, but now I had the chance to re-edit, color, redo, and re-render this video in gorgeous 1080HD, so I decided to re-release it.
Hogtied Live at Fetishcon

Thursday December 2
Friday December 3
Rope Bound in Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Sheena Rose gets progressively roped up while wearing silky satin lingerie, opera gloves, stockings, and leather OTK boots. First the crotchrope is tied nice and snug, then her torso is harnessed and her arms bound, and finally her legs are tied together at the thighs, knees, and ankles. Quite helpless.. Shiny then inserts a large pink ballgag and informs her he has to go run some errands. She is confident she will be able to eventually struggle free, so it's no big deal.. 2 hours later when he returns, he finds poor Sheena still tied up nice and tight right where he left her. She had tried her hardest to escape, but just couldn't get it!
Rope Bound in Sexy Lingerie

Saturday December 4
Sunday December 5
Caught Spy Begs To Stay Tied Up

Sexy spy Rachel Adams slips into the business headquarters to steal some sensitive information. A security guard catches her and drags her off into the interrogation room. Not knowing just what to do with her, he ties her up and gags her, leaving her there while he contacts his superiors. Rachel at first panics in her binds, thrashing around and screaming through her gag to be released! After awhile though, Rachel begins to calm down. She finds comfort in the tight ropes and helplessness.. And Oooooohhhh that rope in her crotch is doing some amazing things down there.. When the security guard returns to her room, he removes her gag and begins to untie her. Rachel protests! "Please.. Please don't untie me! Can you just leave me here a bit longer??" The surprised security guard scratches his head. "You want to be tied up here?" Rachel tells him yes please and not to forget to re-gag her. He looks at his watch. "Well, I guess I can leave you in here a while longer.." He wraps her face with some microfoam tape. He grabs some more rope and ties her ankles to her wrists. "Alright, there you go. Have fun in here." He leaves her once again to struggle and feel out her bonds.
Caught Spy Begs To Stay Tied Up

Monday December 6
Tuesday December 7
Wednesday December 8
Belt Bound and Forced to Cum

Gorgeous Sheena Rose once again gets tied up in her silky satin lingerie and leather boots! This time she is firmly strapped into a chair with the Doxy vibrator wedged between her thighs. A very frustrating position for poor Sheena as the vibrations are muted and cant get through at full power. We let her sit like that until she gets nice and angry, then Shiny opens up her legs and belts them spread wide apart to the chair legs. Now he can get in there with the vibrator properly, and Sheena thrusts and fucks it until she cums hard for us!
Belt Bound and Forced to Cum

Thursday December 9
Friday December 10
Mari Makinami Tied and Vibed

Coming 12/10/2021

A fun cosplay parody where a nervous Mari Makinami (Casey Calvert) is progressively and tightly bound and then tormented with a Hitachi until she she is convulsing and cumming. Tightly hogtied in her silky catsuit with elbows bound in tight layered nylon ropes, she is completely helpless to stop it!
Mari Makinami Tied and Vibed

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