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Supergirl Destroyed
Arielle Aquinas
Supergirl gets the distress call and lands to investigate. A prominent politician is being held hostage inside this house, and there is a lead lined room she cannot penetrate with her x-ray vision.. Very suspicious! She enters the home and approaches the room. All of a sudden the room fills with gas.. "What is this?! Kryptonite gas?.. Ugghhh.. getting weaker.." as the toxic gas fills the room, Supergirl collapses on the floor.. When she comes to, she is tightly tied up in Kryptonite rope. She struggles and rolls around trying to free herself, but she is far too weakened to break free. The room again fills with the poison gas and overtakes her. This time when she comes to she is tightly chairtied in the Kryptonite rope. She looks down and notices a bomb tied to her lap! "Ahhhh yes Supergirl!" a voice cackles. Black Skull emerges from the shadows. "You fell right into my trap! You have been tied and exposed to copious amounts of Kryptonite today. There's no way to break free! Haha!! Also, you will notice I have rigged up this bomb in your lap to the vibrator between your legs! I'll turn it on and when you reach orgasm, it goes BOOM! Haha!! In your weakened state, there is no way you'll survive! No more Supergirl!! Haahaha!" He pushes the button on the vibrator and it goes to work. Poor Supergirl struggles trying to free herself, feeling the orgasm building. "Can't... get... away... from those vibrations...Mppphhhffff.." Will she get free before the big "O" becomes the the big boom?!

Tags: Ballgagged Blondes Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator

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