Raven Eve.. Swimsuit Model Captured

11 photos; 26:38 video

April 28, 2018

In 1280x720 High Quality HD for an amazing crystal clear download.

Bondage, BDSM, Damsel in Distress, One Piece Swimsuit, Spandex Bondage, Lycra Fetish, Shiny Pantyhose, Rope Bondage, Hogtied, Ballgagged, Crotch Rope, Bound Elbows, High Heels, Struggling, Escape Attempt, Helpless

Swimsuit model Raven shows up to what she thinks is a normal studio photoshoot.. But.. She he is in for quite a surprise! The regular photographer had to cancel the shoot last minute, and his assistant decides this is his chance to tie up the famous model and get some real shots! 
She comes out of the dressing room looking very sexy in a shiny blue one piece swimsuit, extra shimmery tights, and high heels. The photographer tells her that for the first scene, he is going to tie her hands behind her for a few "fetish" shots. She tells him thats not what she was contracted for, but then lets him do it just for a few photos. 
"Ok you had your shots, now untie my hands." she says calmly. He pulls a ball gag out of his camera bag and walks towards her.
"Alright, I did the photos with the tied hands for you.. Wait.. What's that?.. Oh no.. You're not going toooo.. MMPPHHHFFF!!!" 
He shoves the ball into her mouth and straps up the harness tightly around her head. She tries to shake it off and spit out the ball, but it's in there really good. She shouts at him through the gag to let her go, but he pulls out more rope.
He ties her head harness up to the ceiling and begins tying her up from head to toe, welding her elbows together and making sure to pull a nice tight crotch rope. She screams out in anger! 
Once she is all tied, he leaves her on the couch and goes to get the rest of his lights and camera equipment out of the car. This is going to be a full scale shoot, and he wants his best gear.
As he leaves, Raven sees her opportunity to try for the escape. She struggles and tumbles off the couch and then starts squirming towards the door. The photographer comes back just in time to drag her back over and sit her on the couch. He pulls out more rope..
"This ought to keep you still!" he says as he ties her ankles up to the back of her neck in a tight hogtie. Again he leaves to get more equipment. 
Raven struggles hard and yells all she can, but this time the ropes aren't budging and she can't get any momentum to roll off the couch. She is stuck there in this extremely humiliating position, waiting for him to come back and exploit her. She knows if anyone see's photos of her tied up like this that her career as a swimsuit model will be ruined. She has no choice. She is going to have to let him take his terrible photos, and then try to buy him off later.


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