Nyxon.. Happy Hour Secretary Part 2

13 photos; 18:39 video

December 29, 2017

In 1280x720 High Quality HD for an amazing crystal clear download.

Bondage, BDSM, Damsel in Distress, Dark Fantasy, Secretary, Office Wear, Satin Blouse, Stockings, Bed Bound, Taken, Captive, Prisoner, Rope Bondage, Spread Eagle, Vibrator, Crotch Rope, Bound Orgasms, Struggling, Helpless

After a long day at the office, all Nyxon can think about is unwinding with the girls for some Happy Hour fun. She has a few and she starts talking up a guy at the bar. He buys her a few happy hour specials and she gets friendly quickly. Her friends decide its time to leave, but Nyxon is having a nice conversation with this handsome guy and says she's going to stay a while longer. Her friends try to convince her that staying behind might not be the best idea, but Nyxon insists she will be fine. "What's the worst that could happen?!" She slurs.. "Its not like he's gonna take me and leave me tied up somewhere.." The girls all laugh and tell the guy to make sure she gets home safe. The guy smiles..
Now, in Part 2- Nyxon awakens tied spread eagle on a bed in a different room. She panics and fights hard to get loose, but once again, she is tied very well and the ropes dont budge. After a while the guy comes back in. He feels up her silky pantyhose covered legs and begins to untie her. She thinks "Thank god, he's finally going to let me out of here!" He unties her legs and then begins retying them in a different position.. "Oh no! What is he doing now?!" 
He 'frogties' her legs and fastens them out to the sides, so now she is completely helpless to close them. He grabs a Hitachi vibrator. She struggles hard once again.. "Oh no! He's got the vibrator! I'm already pretty worked up from being tied like this, if he uses that vibrator, I'm not going to be able to hide it when I cum!!" 
He vibes her and she cums again and again. He smiles at her. "See, I knew we would have some fun today." he says. She sinks into the bed, exhausted. He runs his hands over her poor collapsed body.. "So, what's next?"
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