Nyxon.. Happy Hour Secretary Part 1

14 photos; 23:08 video

December 21, 2017

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Bondage, BDSM, Damsel in Distress, Dark Fantasy, Secretary, Office Wear, Satin Blouse, Stockings, High Heels, Taken, Captive, Prisoner, Rope Bondage, Chairtied, Bound Elbows, Crotch Rope, Mouth Stuffing, Tape Gagged, Struggling, Helpless

After a long day at the office, all Nyxon can think about is unwinding with the girls for some Happy Hour fun. She has a few and she starts talking up a guy at the bar. He buys her a few happy hour specials and she gets friendly quickly. Her friends decide its time to leave, but Nyxon is having a nice conversation with this handsome guy and says she's going to stay a while longer. Her friends try to convince her that staying behind might not be the best idea, but Nyxon insists she will be fine. "What's the worst that could happen?!" She slurs.. "Its not like he's gonna take me and leave me tied up somewhere.." The girls all laugh and tell the guy to make sure she gets home safe. The guy smiles..
In part 1- After a few more, Nyxon decides she wants to go home with the guy at the bar. She confides that she really shouldn't drive, and suggests maybe they should go to his house to "Watch a movie or something." He grabs the tab and they leave in his car.
When he gets her to his house, he helps her inside and sits her down on the couch. He tells her to relax and leaves the room to get her some water. She nods off. He comes back in with a bag full of rope. "Not going to end up tied up? Haha" he chuckles under his breath. 
The next morning Nyxon comes to.. "Oh my aching head.. Wait.. WHAT!! WHATS HAPPENING HERE!!" She is very tightly tied to a chair. She struggles hard, but its no use. Several thoughts race through her mind as she comes to terms with what's happening. "Oh my god! Im all tied up.. Did I sleep like this all night?! My arms wont move! My wrists are tied to the chair and he even tied my elbows together. My torso is welded to the back of the chair.. and what's this? He tied my crotch down and back to the chair as well?! How humiliating! This guy really knew what he was doing here.. Ugghh.. I definitely can't move my legs. My knees and ankles are banded tightly together and fixed to the chairl!" Next she decides her only option is to call out for help.. "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!" 
The guy returns to her when he hears her calling out. She scowls at him "What have you done to me?!" Without uttering a word he shoves a giant sponge into her mouth and wraps a few layers of heavy white tape around her face. "MPPPHHHFF!!" She tries to call out, but the gag does it's job very well. The guy leaves her again. She fights hard to get loose. A little too hard.. The chair topples over and she crashes to the floor. "Ow, that hurt.. But.. Maybe I can wiggle out of this now.." She struggles again, only to realize her situation is just as hopeless, just now horizontal. She lays her head on the floor and sobs.
After a bit, the guy returns. "Oh my, did you topple yourself over?" he asks sarcastically. Without untying her, he lifts her back up into place. "I can see we're going to have to make other arrangements for you so you don't injure yourself.."
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