Rachel Adams.. My Shiny Captive Part 1

15 photos; 23:17 video

December 11, 2017

In 1280x720 High Quality HD for an amazing crystal clear download.

Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Taken, Captive, Prisoner, Hooded, Tormented, Spandex Disco Pants, Shiny Pantyhose, Satin Blouse, Exposed, Satin Panties, Crotch Abuse, Spread Eagle, Crotch Rope Predicament, Ballgagged, Tears, Drooling, Helpless 

Rachel slides her sexy pantyhosed feet into her spandex pants and heads out to the clubs. It's Friday night and she is going to meet up with her girlfriends. Her and her friends have a fun filled night on the town. Later as she is stumbling through the parking lot to her car, an unknown assailant grabs her and shoves her in his van!
In Part 1- Rachel comes to and its dark.. Her head hurts and she needs some ibuprofen. Then reality dawns on her.. She is not going anywhere, as she is tied up, gagged, and hooded on some mad man's floor! 
She struggles hard to gain her bearings and to get the hood off, but just as she does, she is grabbed up onto her feet and her arms are tied out spread in a door frame. The mystery man doesn't stop there.. He unbuttons her shirt and pulls her pants down before securing her feet out to the sides as well. Now, with her head harness tied up, and her arms and legs pulled out and cinched tight, she is spread eagle on her tippytoes, completely exposed and helpless. The man leaves the room.
As she hangs there, teetering on the very tips of her toes, she wonders what he is going to do to her. Her curiosity is soon answered when he shows back up with more rope and a big 25 pound weight. He runs the rope around her waist a few times and then up between her legs. She wants to fight him off, but she can't move an inch with how he has her tied. She hisses at him, but only ends up drooling all down the front of herself. He takes the end of her crotch rope and ties it to the giant barbell..
He slowly lets it descend, and as it does, the rope bites through her satin panty and shiny nylon layers and deep into her pussy. She tries to let out a scream, but nothing comes out. All she can do is focus on standing as still as possible. He leaves her again to endure her predicament. She stands there, legs shaking uncontrollably, with tears and drool streaming down her face and chest.

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