Nyxon.. Making a Slave of The Scarlet Witch

16 photos; 19:38 video

December 5, 2017

In 1280x720 High Quality HD for an amazing crystal clear download.

Bondage, BDSM, Cosplay, Leather Bondage, Costume, Belt Bondage, Story Line, Leather Leggings, Stiletto Boots, Vinyl Corset, Strappado, Hitachi, Domination, Forced Orgasm, Bound Orgasm, Master, Slave, Full Nudity, Ballgagged

Wanda Maximoff embarks on a side mission, one of personal interest.. Someone was capturing young Russian women and selling them into sexual slavery. She tracks down who she believes is responsible for the trafficking, and enters their warehouse to confirm her suspicions.
Upon entering, she finds cages and restraints scattered about. Definitely the evidence she was looking for. She will make them pay for this! She goes to call for some backup, and she is ambushed by a masked man from the shadows.
As she comes to, she is helplessly bound in a strappado position with leather restraints. She smiles. She knows that no bonds can hold her. She summons her magic to break free. "My powers! What has happened to my powers?!" she yells. Somehow her powers have been drained, and the restraints that should be incinerated by now still hold her helpless.
The masked man enters and explains he has drained her magical force, and her life force will be next unless she submits and calls him master. She fights it as much as she can, but she realizes she is getting weaker by the minute, and must submit. The masked man then exposes her naked body and ballgags her. He grabs a vibrator and forces her to have an explosive orgasm. He decides he will keep her for his own personal slave. He ties the vibrator to her quivering crotch and turns it on again. She does everything she can to dislodge it, but its tied in the perfect spot. She cums again hard. "Good, Im glad you're adapting so well my slave. Ill be back later to check on you." She screams in protest as he leaves.. Knowing that she wont last the day like this...

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